Element have partnered with Kelty for a quick collaboration that sees the best of both worlds. Two tees, a pair of trunks, sleeping bag, tent, backpack and duffle bag make up the collaboration. We have also seen a skate deck but can’t see if it’s a for sale item.

Kelty has a big history in the outdoors and these days everyone seems to be going back to nature, so why not Element, their logo is a tree after all. Click the images to head to Element as these have just been released last week. They are limited so if you want to be ata festival with them this summer, better be quick.

keltytee1 keltybackpack keltytent keltyduffle keltytee2 keltysleepingbag keltytrunk

Element and Kelty hold a unified appreciation for an active and open-minded lifestyle, that never loses an appetite for discovery. So a collaboration with them made perfect sense, combining their renown design in outdoor gear with our quality products and love for the great outdoors.
The Element Kelty collection was created to enjoy the peaks and valleys, and roads in between.┬áIt’s been an honor for us to join Kelty on this adventure, creating new product on both our ends. From Kelty on board and in the streets, to Element in the field and camping out, the collaboration has reminded us all to keep discovering.